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Lord British in Space: A pledge —

It may not be known by many, but Richard Garriott/Lord British, creator of the Ultima series of role-playing games, has also been a fundamental part of an organization called Space Adventures. This organization was what interacted with the Russian space agencies to make Space Tourism a reality, where private citizens could experience the incredible wonder of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

And of those that know that, they may not be aware that because of lowered stock value and other factors, Mr. Garriott can no longer afford to pay the money to go to space. (Citation: The Space Review, August, 2005).

Richard Garriott, through his decades of Ultima work, has brought so much joy to so many lives, and here his efforts to jump-start space tourism by sending himself into space have resulted in him not achieving his dream.

I, Jason Scott, hereby offer to Richard Garriott one thousand dollars ($1,000), to be used towards affording a trip into space. I only ask to give it to him in person, and in close anticipation of his travel.

I don’t know if many people can assist him, and one thousand dollars hurts my wallet, make no mistake, but I feel like it’s just the right thing to do.

Lord British deserves space! Join me!

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  1. mugs says:

    Akalabeth will always always be my Ultima.

    I send the earthly majics to the maker,
    that he should have his time away be it
    now or in some other vessel of space.tym.