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Before I mention next weekend, let me just say that about 200 people have already signed up for a “let me know when you’re working on GET LAMP and when it’s available” list. That was within a few days of announcement. I’ve also been contacted by roughly two dozen people who worked in text adventures (not just worked at playing them) from Infocom, Synapse, and elsewhere. So I am a very happy person right now.

Most heartening has been getting referrer links and weblog postings from people saying things along the line of “The BBS Documentary Guy is making some new film, so obviously it’s going to be good.” I read that stuff and it matters very much to me that I have earned that opinion with folks.


This coming weekend I will be in attendance at the Vintage Computer Festival 8.0 in Mountain View, California. A little more than at attendance, really; I’ll be conducting a panel on BBSing, selling copies of the BBS Documentary DVD set, and showing episodes from the same set throughout the show.

The Computer Museum used to be located in Boston, near me. Now it’s across the country, and is many times better than it used to be. It’s located in an old Silicon Graphics building, has tons of space, and is already well on its way to having a lot of amazing stuff. I have some photos from last year over here.

Last year, with the documentary mostly edited, I had a “beta premiere” at the festival, showing five of the episodes to the audience. They lacked music and some final work, and I used a lot of the reaction of the audience to guide out the rest of the editing. I think this improved the episodes greatly. Things I thought were funny were validated, while other stuff came out as too long or too boring.

Now, someone else is going to go through the same process; Greg Maletic will be doing a beta premiere of his own documentary, The Future of Pinball. I’ve seen a rough-cut. It’s good. It’s really good.

If you’re in the general area, it’s worth the trip. It really is. See you there.

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  1. Kiel says:

    Cruising the booths, he pauses to decant wild, humorous, information-rich tales.

  2. Jason Scott says:

    My biggest fan on the West Coast! Hello!

  3. Kiel says:

    Hey Jason! 🙂 I posted a fairly decent photo recap, here:

    And I chopped off your cranium in:

    Also gives a little sample of my display — your print is the first one in on the left. If you ever put it up anywhere, frame it, etc., a photo of it so-placed would be excellent. 😉