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A Simple Explanation: VLC.js —

The previous entry got the attention it needed, and the maintainers of the VLC project connected with both Emularity developers and Emscripten developers and the process has begun. The best example of where we are is this screenshot: The upshot of this is that a javascript compiled version of the VLC player now runs, spits […]

A Demoparty in a Browser —

I am a huge fan of the demoscene, and have been for many years now. If you’ve not heard of the “Demoscene” or the “Demos” within the realms of computer experience, it’s worth it, heavily, to check it all out. For decades, majestically talented programmers, artists and musicians have created top-notch experiences on a massive […]

MindCandy: The Last Bright Star Before the Media Dims —

The MindCandy series got me started on this whole “get it down in a movie” trip. Created with a love of the demoscene, a dedication to capturing the demos as accurately as possible, and most importantly¬†explaining the entire process from beginning to end, MindCandy was a refreshing breath of air. DVDs, which were still relatively […]

Blockparty 4 Success —

For whatever reason, no North American Demoparty has ever survived past 3 years. That changed last week, as Blockparty hit #4. Four years of Blockparty! Who would have thought! Well, anyone who heard me promise at the first one that we’d have five. I do have to say, however, that things really were looking dim […]

A Double Demoparty Year —

It’s a special year in the US, with two demoparties happening, one of which is entirely new. I’ve been radio silent about it, but Blockparty #4 is about to happen in Cleveland, Ohio, starting on the 15th of April. I would really suggest going. I’ve written a ton about demoparties and why they’re so much […]

Notacon 6 and Blockparty 3 —

[flickrset id=”72157617027312199″ thumbnail=”square”] I’ve been to all six Notacons and I’ve co-run all three Blockparties. This year, things moved to a new hotel and while the new hotel had some oddities and rough patches, it was so much better a place as to be a whole new event. And for Blockparty itself, my attempt to […]

Blockparty! April 16-19th. Be there. —

Is it that time again? Why yes, friends, it most certainly is. Yes, the demoparty that RaD Man and I run out during Notacon in Cleveland, Ohio is now going into its third year. The website will give you a lot more details that I should have to dump here, but rest assured we’re going […]