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Notacon 6 and Blockparty 3 —

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I’ve been to all six Notacons and I’ve co-run all three Blockparties. This year, things moved to a new hotel and while the new hotel had some oddities and rough patches, it was so much better a place as to be a whole new event. And for Blockparty itself, my attempt to keep a North American demoscene thriving and rocking out, success could not have reached a greater level. I feel a little foolish and redundant describing the whole event, so I’ll just focus on a few things.

  • I could never have hoped to see all that was going on. That’s a nice feeling.
  • Notacon Radio, which I started a number of years back, is so successful and so great now I didn’t have to do a damn thing. That’s impressive.
  • I lived well, ate well, and saw what I could of very dear friends. Many of them.

And who’s to argue with all that?

Oh, I suppose I’ll mine some of the scads of content and ideas I got from those special 4 days in weeks to come.  But for now, know it was fantastic.

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  1. vigo/bronx says:

    yeah! its good to see some action in the states… i belive you guyz have a potential… i’ve heard notacons and blockparties and realy love to come one day… greetz from istanbul/türkiye