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A Double Demoparty Year —

It’s a special year in the US, with two demoparties happening, one of which is entirely new.

I’ve been radio silent about it, but Blockparty #4 is about to happen in Cleveland, Ohio, starting on the 15th of April. I would really suggest going. I’ve written a ton about demoparties and why they’re so much fun to go to, but really, you have to see it to believe it. If you’re anywhere within driving distance of Cleveland, I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend.

An additional exciting situation is that there’s another demoparty that’s starting up this year, @party. If you live anywhere in New England, and pretend to have the slightest interest in Demos, then you have absolutely no excuse. The staff is putting together a hell of an event, with lodging included and the unique situation that harkens back to early demoparties in Europe – you know, the ones people really miss. I’m going, and you should too. It’s in June, right when the weather gets awesome, and it’s also just outside of Boston, so it’s very convenient.

Demoparties continue to be rare over here, and with this year, Blockparty becomes the longest-running US or North American demoparty, practically an institution. With @party starting up, the opportunities just multiply. See you there.

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