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Blockparty 4 Success —

For whatever reason, no North American Demoparty has ever survived past 3 years. That changed last week, as Blockparty hit #4.

Four years of Blockparty! Who would have thought! Well, anyone who heard me promise at the first one that we’d have five.

I do have to say, however, that things really were looking dim there for a tad. Between losing my job and the rest of life’s upheavals, I simply could not focus pretty much any attention on this event. My buddy RaD Man stepped in and whipped up sponsors, but it was just obvious I couldn’t do my usual behind the scenes work on this project. That said, we had a great invite, a great website, and ultimately, a fantastic party.

Once I got there, Notacon did its usual great job of infrastructure and support, and from all the lessons we learned last year, we had a great setup for putting all the demos and presentations and whatever else up in a very timely fashion!

Also, we had awesome releases this year, including the first Colecovision Demo released at a party. Not bad, I say.

Normally, we haven’t streamed the event, but this year Notacon increased their bandwidth, and we found ourselves with an opportunity to stream it! And we did!

So, you can relive the magic online! Check it out.

And are we doing it again? Yes, but we’re going to do it in California for Fall 2011. More info on that later in the year.

Free live streaming by Ustream

Buried in there is the entry that my group submitted, “Wyndham Reality”. Here’s that entry:

Wyndham reality will make absolutely no sense to you if you don’t know of the original it’s based off of, “Second Reality”:

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  1. v says:

    and if people want to see all the prods that have been posted on Pouet yet . . .

  2. Jonathan Brodsky says:

    codas demo is super nice! way to go coda.

  3. Steve McCrea says:

    I loved the Second Reality parody demo!