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…is named Rob.


Rob and I are doing a trial set of days this week (I’m away during the middle of the week to keynote an Apple II festival) and we’ll see how a life of being given free food and drink but forced to log various bits of computer history fares for him. His twitter feed is @drcello, so feel free to wish him luck.

Update: Rob’s first day went swimmingly well – he cataloged hundreds of magazines across a day, emptying many boxes in my kitchen. It’s so great to come back to a project and find a second person has really given you a boost. Interns are great!

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  1. Kizzle says:

    Is he allowed to play Halo?

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  3. robohara says:

    I think it would be cool if Rob the Intern had his own section of the blog where he could post updates of what he’s working on.