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My First Arcade —

This nondescript building, sitting on the corner of Highway 52 and Fishkill Hook Road, has the distinction of being my very first Arcade. Naturally, it hasn’t been an arcade a very, very long time. I doubt it stayed an arcade past 1983, in fact. In the interim 30 years, it has served a bunch of purposes […]

The Pit —

2013 was a really excellent year, by most standards. Besides the finishing and the release of the DEFCON documentary, I got to travel to many different places and a couple new ones, get the word out about various projects I was working on, and otherwise move forward on stuff I did working on for years. […]

The Fuel Costs of Not Moving —

copy of letter sent to William Scotsman: I’ve been a very happy customer with regards to the shipping container I have rented from you for several years. That is, I rented a shipping container, paid for the transport to and from the site, and have left it full of stuff in my backyard for […]

A Thing With Feathers —

The challenge to make my presentation outfits more enjoyably outrageous continues, and it escalates. Nobody is telling me my outfits need to be outrageous, of course – I just know, in my heart, that it’s what needs to be done. Just like I know that digging in intractably on the principles of protecting user data […]

Looking for Volunteers for the Scanning Brigade —

If you live within 30-60 minutes of Hopewell Junction, NY and the prospect interests you, I’m seeking volunteers to run a book scanner at my Information Cube that will allow us to scan a large amount of materials extremely quickly. Please hit me up at to discuss it, suggest people, or otherwise line up for […]

Fool Me 16,380 Times, Shame on Me —

Salutations, dewy-eyed fuckstick. I’ve met you before, of course. I’ve met the type you are, the way you are, and your dreams you think you’re selling are nothing new. Your whole culture is poison, shifting its language and buzzwords and goals on a whim to satisfy what you think people are going to buy into. […]

Scanning: Some Thoughts —

If perfect is the enemy of done, scanning has whipped out a switchblade and standing next to perfect, ready to kick done’s ass. Scanning is probably the number one thing I deal with, in terms of a process that folks can do themselves and which everyone has completely wild ideas about. How to scan, what […]

Some Last Triage of the DEFCON Documentary —

I need to turn to my current projects, and my other commitments. I figured after going for a month and a half into the post-DEFCON Documentary release breach, I’d write some thoughts down before moving on. (Note, I do intend to release a fixed-up version of the documentary with a different audio encoding and with […]

The JSMESS Triumph —

What an amazing few weeks it has been!   We made improvements to improvements. We refined refinements, and refined them even more. We found shortcuts and qualities and features. And eventually, it came down to a day when an automatically running script slammed through a list of every functioning platform MESS supports and created a […]

The Secret Inaction of a Cancelled Documentary —

Privately, I’d been working on another documentary. Yes, I know I’m working on three, and yes, they are very time consuming, but when a subject inhabits your brain, won’t let go, you have to let it run wild for a while. The subject was Action Park, an amusement part in New Jersey that had one […]