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Five Unemulated Computer Experiences —

While I and many others work to turn the experience of emulation into one as smooth and ubiquitous as possible, inevitably the corners and back alleys of discussions about this process present people claiming that there are unemulated aspects and therefore the entire project is domed. I thought I would stoke that sad little fire […]

FTP’s Bright Sunset and Frozen Night —

FTP is kind of over. Now, don’t get mad at me for telling you this. It’s not like I’m the one killing it, and I’m certainly one of its biggest fans. It’s a really mature technology that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It is flexible, pumps through almost anything, and has features that […]

Let a Thousand Cartridges Play —

On the day after Christmas, the Internet Archive announced that it was going to host a second Christmas. In one big flourish, the Console Living Room revealed that there was now available, via the JSMESS interface, one thousand cartridges to play. One thousand! In many cases, this would be nearly 100% of the total available […]

The JSMESS Endgame —

  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about an “end” to JSMESS. Oh goodness – far from it. Of the two versions of JSMESS we’re currently working with (the “in-process” version and the “dressed for dinner” version), we’re going to be adding a third version for general distribution out to anyone who wants to […]

The Frightening Cornucopia —

I am an extremely lucky person. I’m lucky for a host of reasons, but in this particular case, I’ve been matched up with the Perfect Job very early in my life – my 40s. Some people get earlier, of course, but many more get it later, if at all. Life at the Internet Archive is […]

JSMESS Makes a Little Noise —

Stuff just keeps falling in place with JSMESS. As of this moment, we have a version that handles sound. If you want to test out if your browser/machine/audio setup works well, you can’t do much better than clicking on this link and seeing if you’re hearing a ColecoVision play Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Assuming you […]

Lost in the Sands of Internet Time —

A few weeks ago, I got a mail asking for help tracking down documents:   Hi Jason, I am trying to locate three computer manuals. I just need the title page, copyright page, and date stamp showing a date received from 1996. I have already checked several library resources. A librarian colleague suggested I contact […]

Looking for Volunteers for the Scanning Brigade —

If you live within 30-60 minutes of Hopewell Junction, NY¬†and the prospect interests you, I’m seeking volunteers to run a book scanner at my Information Cube that will allow us to scan a large amount of materials extremely quickly. Please hit me up at to discuss it, suggest people, or otherwise line up for […]

JSMESS and the Big Day —

  On Thursday, the 24th, (1024, in computer vernacular) I was part of a raft of announcements from the Internet Archive for the coming year. Reviews of great things that happened, great things happening, wonders to be shown. If you want to watch the whole event with pomp and circumstance (surprise guest and all), then […]