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I don’t know why it took me so long to finally announce this idea; I had it back in June but then life got a little busy. gets a lot of visitors. A LOT. Hundreds of thousands. And I get a lot of nice mail from a lot of people. Also, I like to go out on the town, rarely, but in an enjoyable way when I do. There’s nothing I like more than a big comfortable chair, some fine food, and talking to smart, funny people.

I live in Boston, Massachusetts, which is a dismal place for late night food. But there’s a restaurant that serves a full menu every night until 4am. They’re called the News Restaurant, and when I visited, I found out they had an absolutely spectacular private dining area that could seat dozens comfortably, and was both beautiful and the very comfort I was talking about.

I go to a bunch of user meetings on and off; they are usually held in malls or convenient restaurants, and are generally free-form, which translates to “everybody eats and then they go their separate ways”.

So, I’ve decided to start hosting dinners at this restaurant. I will call them “Rumspringas”, because I’m really frigging weird.

The idea is that they will be held on some evening, maybe a Sunday, and they can go into the night as much as people want, since the restaurant will be open until 4am. And I will organize talks, two people talking, who compliment each other, but don’t duplicate.

Anyway, I made a website to announce this for, and the site is

If travelling to Boston is not a killer proposal for you, consider getting signed up for interest. If I get enough people, I’ll do it. And that would be a great way to spend an evening a month.

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