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The problem with the GET LAMP web presence is that it’s sort of full of stuff and then not. I just recently got a spate of is this still on? is this still happening? e-mails and I decided that it was time to put a weblog dedicated to it up so that I could update that. This one stays in action but the other is going to split off and take over the duties for the documentary. You might see doubled entries (I might re-use previous entries from this weblog here, as necessary) and other such foolishness, but if you’re keeping track of the movie, it will help a lot.

The new weblog is at I’m using WordPress over there because I intend to get out of the Movable Type business sooner rather than later and this will let me ease into the new features and potential for enjoyable stuff. It took me a very short time to get used to it and I already miss a few features over here (to be somewhat fair, my version of movable type is older than the WordPress version, so obviously some stuff is missing).

Anyway, you get to see me touching it up before it goes public.

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  1. Flack says:

    Couple of suggestions:

    One, look into WordPress MU (MultiUser). A lot of multiuser blog sites are running it for their back end. It would allow you to run multiple blogs with only one instance.

    Another idea would be just to convert this blog to WordPress and use categories for your different projects. There are plug-ins that will allow you to keep certain categories from showing up on the front page. In other words by hitting you would only see the blog, but by clicking the “Get Lamp” category you would only see those entries.

    I tried splitting my blog up into multiple blogs last year but what I found was people tended to only check one or the other, not both unfortunately.

  2. Josh Renaud says:

    Jason, let me glom on with another suggestion…

    the RSS feed on the Taking Inventory blog is only showing partial entries. Could you change that so it acts like the Ascii feed and lets us read the complete blog entries in our RSS readers?