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Before the LOL Now Available —

Apparently the full content of my talk I gave at ROFLcon, “Before the LOL”, has become available. The collection of files provides a raw recording of my presentation. Here’s a clickable jukebox that provides:

I suppose I could fill this entry with all sorts of additional commentary about what I was going for or the subjects I mentioned here, but I think I’ll wait until people enjoy it on its own merits. Enjoy.

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  1. Ari Braginsky says:

    Thanks for posting this excellent lecture. Unfortunately it cuts off just near the end :c

    Love the site,

  2. Andy says:

    This was great. I was fortunate enough to take a class under Alan Dundes at UC Berkeley in 1995, read several of his books, and spent plenty of time in the Folklore Archive.

    For anyone interested, it’s a collection of 500,000 collected items of folklore that’s open to the public for perusal. If you’re ever in Berkeley, go!

    Anyway, Dundes was a brilliant guy. Did you ever get to meet him?

  3. James Keith says:

    I attended one of your wikipedia talks at Notacon, so I have a good idea of your presentation style, which was very engaging even if it was just you yapping away.

    I unfortunately missed the first day of ROFLcon, and thus missed the opportunity to attend your presentation. Hence I was glad when I found out about this video.

    I find your strategy to use visuals for this talk to be a good way of further engaging a crowd that is not necessarily familiar with the topic at hand and is not necessarily of the technically-inclined (in other words, layperson types, for lack of a better term). You say you are not fond of using slides, but I think it depends on the audience you are addressing whether or not it should it should be employed. It works well here, and I enjoyed it very much, more so than most of the other talks and panels in the whole set. Thank you.