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Shmoocon —

I’ll be attending Shmoocon next month, the weekend of the 16th of February. This will be of interest to some people because my presentation will include actual GET LAMP edited footage.

The schedule’s over here, and there I am at 3pm on Saturday. The conference is basically sold out, so unless you have a ticket already, I don’t think you’re going to get in. Feel free to hang out with me in the hotel lobby, however. I’ll be there a lot.

Last year I punched the One Laptop Per Child in the face, and that was an enjoyable time. (I wrote about it here.) It even got some press, here and here and so on.

What exactly am I showing? Well, I’ve been editing a massive set of sequences about the cave Adventure is based on, so I’ll be showing those, as well as talking about the processes the Cave Research Foundation use for safety and tracking, and a bunch of related stuff to these two subjects. I’ll do my best to record and get some of the talk online at some point.

Always a good time at the Shmoo.

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  1. Flack says:

    Of course in the lobby, you’ll be …

    SHMOOzing …

    I’ll be here all night, folks. Try the veal.