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A History of Hacker Conferences —

I finally got around to uploading the History of Hacker Conferences speech I presented at Shmoocon:

This has been edited for smarts, so I don’t sound like a complete idiot, only half of one. You either enjoy this sort of historical talk or you don’t; this is not my favorite talk I’ve ever given, mostly because it’s two talks and I didn’t have the nuts to split it like it should have been. Next time I won’t make such a mistake, or I’ll just make them podcasts or something.

I mostly edited out poor phrasings or pauses, not any major content.

At Shmoocon, they scheduled me up against Dan Kaminsky. I had 12 people in the room with me as a result. This means a whole 12 people have experienced the speech before this, and they get to hear how different it is after going through the Jason Editing Machine.

This is the talk that announced


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