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The Last Starfighter: The Musical: The Sountrack —

Back in October 2004, I wrote a review of the Last Starfighter musical, raving about how much I enjoyed it. My positive review, coupled with others, opened doors for those guys. They wrote me and thanked me and sent me a copy of the soundtrack they’d recorded as a demo, a precious gift.

Well, they’ve now got a record contract, and the soundtrack is now re-recorded and released as a full professional album! The Kritzerland label has signed them up, and you can now buy the CD from them.

I’d listened to the demo for so long, that I notice how much they’ve enriched the layers of sound and recording, and how the actors have worked their skills with their performance even further. That’s great.

Oh, and did I mention the liner notes mention slashdot, the Sci-fi channel…. and me? I get thanked for my positive review! Kick ass. It pays to run a weblog.

Well, you know, payment in “cool dollars”.

The CD is great. Listen, and buy 5. It’s a holiday gift to remember.

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