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Wake Me Up —

As Edonkey Ends
(To the tune of “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, Green Day)

Read the news just this morn
Lost a link to warez and porn
Wake me up, as Edonkey ends

Harkens back to years gone by
Peer to Peer companies die
Wake me up, as Edonkey ends

Here comes the cries again
From the sites and blogs
Copyright and Ownership
What the heck they are

As my memory recalls
All the ones that rise and fall
Wake me up, as Edonkey ends

Fraun-hofer’s child got loose
Broken out from Holly-wood’s noose
Gave us all, megs and megs of friends

Traded files, bit by bit
Fanning’s toy made us lose our shit
Traded songs, thought it’d never end

Once you’ve gone peer to peer
Nothing can compare
Endless sights, amazing sounds
Scattered here and there

Sharing seems what it’s all for
Who knew it was cause for war
Wake me up, when the lawsuits end


Every year it seems the same
All that changes is the name
Wake me up, as Edonkey ends

Injunctions filed to stop the fun
Now kazaa is on the run
Wake me up, as Edonkey ends
Wake me up, when Bittorrent ends
Wake me up, if peer to peer ends

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