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The Decade Cometh —

In October of 2008, I will celebrate ten years of running

I am actually at a loss of how to exactly mark that occasion. A party? A little badge-y do-dad on the website? Finally get the torrent going? A web redesign? A new hat?

I’m sure no matter what I’ll have a long, drawn-out essay on the experience of ten years of textfiles, but I can quickly touch on a few things right now.

Obviously, I had no long-term plans for this site other than getting my old BBS collection together. I wanted to do my part to get stuff up “there”, and I can say with all honesty that I did a good job of it; I very rarely find stuff coming in that isn’t on the site in some fashion.

Even somewhat recently, I had a fellow say hi to me at a party, who had found out I ran Now in college, he’d learned about when he was 13, and had spent all his teenage years browsing it, picking up ideas, moving forward with research, and generally inspiring him towards his degree with computers. That is as great as it gets.

If I do do a party, I need some months to plan for it. I’ll have to think what’ll do best. The official “birthday” is October 8, 1998. It’s been quite a trip.

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