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Post-California —

This is post-California trip, but I’m kind of still in California, so maybe I should say that statements made within this entry are forward-looking and are not meant to be predictions or assurances of future Jason locations.

This weekend was all about the ANSI Gallery showing on Saturday the 12th, and to that level it did not disappoint. The Gallery is tiny, probably incapable of holding 30 people comfortably, and yet around 200 people came to this show. Yes, it was that crowded, the whole night.

Here’s some photos:

And some of my own are here:

You’ll note with mine an additional set of weird pinball photos. This is because I finally made my way to the Lucky Juju Pinball House and met the owner, Michael Schiess, who is an absolutely great guy. Yes, I was scouting for ARCADE; leave me a little slack for being endlessly fascinated with the subject.

What was so great about the ANSI Gallery showing was the cross-section of people who came; so many I’d heard about or who I’d known previously, and they were all there. It’d be silly to list them all and somewhat self-serving, so I’ll say that it ranged from other people running sites like mine, to old friends now famous, to new friends now famous, and just old friends still old friends.

I also snuck in one more interview for GET LAMP, so I even was able to justify hauling all that film equipment.

I love my California trips. Expensive, but always a wonderful time.

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