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Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It: A Podcast —

Next week I start a podcast. There’s a Patreon for the podcast with more information here. Let me unpack a little of the thinking. Through the last seven years, since I moved back to NY, I’ve had pretty variant experiences of debt or huge costs weighing me down. Previously, I was making some serious income […]

What 2016 Is —

As is usually the case, my need to get things done means this weblog does not get anything updated on it. I see the last time I posted was in November, and here we are at the strike-out of the new 2016 year. 18 years of running TEXTFILES.COM! Five years at the Internet Archive! And […]

A Thing With Feathers —

The challenge to make my presentation outfits more enjoyably outrageous continues, and it escalates. Nobody is telling me my outfits need to be outrageous, of course – I just know, in my heart, that it’s what needs to be done. Just like I know that digging in intractably on the principles of protecting user data […]

Someone’s Been Talking —

This year I’ve been doing many, many more presentations and conferences than I would normally do – I guess this whole “save the digital planet” thing has taken off. Along with all the presentations have come travel and trying to re-adjust my life so I can do the majority of what I do from anywhere […]

Jason Scott: Shareware Calvacade —

There’s fast, there’s ultra-fast, and then there’s the speed at which Adrian “IronGeek” Crenshaw has rendered out and uploaded the full talks from his first annual Derbycon hacker and security conference. As it was, and due to an extremely silly scheduling conflict, I could only attend the first day of the conference, and because of […]

Archive Team Talk Post-Mortem —

There’s enough going on both behind the scenes and onstage with the Archive Team talk at DEFCON, I think it functions on multiple levels as an explanation of speaking techniques, how I design presentations, and what the approach was for it.  You really should have watched the speech before reading this entry – here’s the […]

You’re Stealing it Wrong —

This summer, for DEFCON 18, I gave a talk called “You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles”.  The proposal was good enough that less than a few hours after I submitted it, Dark Tangent himself tweeted about it. That was enough pressure to ensure I had lots of backup material, lots of items […]

Still Never Shutting Up —

Been rather busy for the past year, here and there, with all sorts of appearances, presentations, call-ins and the sort of public speaking I’ve always enjoyed doing. And the movie, obviously. But I just took a little time just now and backfilled a good amount of talks I gave recently into the Presentations Page on […]

Five Years of Great Failure —

A little over five years ago, I wrote an essay and put it on my weblog, talking about Wikipedia. After that essay came a number of essays, including an example entry, a bunch of predictions, a for-dummies version, and the occasional comment on current events within the Wikipedia space.  I also gave presentations about my […]