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Blotstation —

You know those stories where you go “man, when I write out the big long memoir and history, that’s gonna be one fuckin’ funny chapter”? And then you don’t? And then they’re gone? This is one of those, except it’s not going to be gone. I’m putting it here, after reading this excellent analysis of […]

Who Designed Mr. Do? —

I know, lots of things are on my plate and all of us are very busy with whatever has the emotive grip of the world on any moment on twitter, but I suddenly had this weird realization. Who designed Mr. Do!? This is what Mr. Do! looks like: Depending on how rich or poor you […]

The Geocities Torrent: Patched and Posted —

Obviously other things are starting to come to the forefront with regards to saving digital history, but starting projects and not seeing them to fruition/completion is no way to go about life, even if it’s a business plan for some people. So, the Geocities Torrent, a 900gb monster compressed to 643gb and spread via the […]