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Amnesia, Forgotten and Remembered —

Within the context of text adventure history, this is relatively big news. From: Stephane Racle Subject: Amnesia Not sure if anyone here is a fan of “Amnesia”, the text adventure that was written by Thomas M. Disch and released by Electronic Arts in the mid-1980s, but I recently acquired a number of interesting items related […]

I’ll be Over Here, Thanks —

Here’s a scenario I find myself halfway through on a weekly basis. Someone writes something stupid in their weblog. Specifically, someone writes something stupid that I think I have a more informed opinion on, or which causes me to want to point out the person has said something stupid, or which, in their usual hailstorm […]

Wallflowers Video Now Available —

The video I shot for MC Frontalot, “Wallflowers”, became available. Here’s the official YouTube version ( I suggest clicking this link to see it): And here’s a Hi-Def Vimeo Version: MC Frontalot: “Wallflowers” from Jason Scott on Vimeo I already said a bit about the production of this video. Frontalot is running a contest to […]

The Pain of the Field Major —

Since the time I talked about it, I have ascended in level from Captain to Major in Halo 3. This didn’t happen immediately after the weblog entry, but a few weeks later. It came as the result of a particularly involved process of just jamming over and over into games until I won. In one […]

An Interesting Mentor Linkage —

OK, so I’ve talked about him before, but Pete Chvany, who was one of my great mentors in my formally-educated years, has had an enormous about of influence on me and a lot of how I look at life and recording it. I was so enamored of him as a teacher that I actually took […]

Steve Meretzky Speaking at MIT —

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 18:57:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Nick Montfort Subject: [Purple-Blurb] Steve Meretzky on Monday (in Stata, not our usual location) STEVE MERETZKY Monday (Oct 6) at 6pm 32-141 Award-studded “game god”* Steve Meretzky will speak on Monday (Oct 6) at 6pm in the Stata Center, 32-141. Steve Meretzky’s first job in computer […]

Say What Again —

It took me years to figure this out, so enjoy the hard-won information. There’s been no small amount of study in the area of how people perceive the world. More specifically, there’s been rather involved research in how people ingest information or how they “learn”. A standardized “here’s a room with a person in front […]

Not a Bummer! —

Jason was better than his word. He did it all, and infinitely more; and to, which did not die, he was a second father. He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew, or any other good old city, town, or borough, […]

Bummer! —

So, I’m about to board a flight to Frankfurt, onward to Vienna, and then doing a bit of travelling and coming back in about 11 days. I will enjoy my birthday during the trip, and basically be doing a bunch of stuff I never have before. Therefore, there’s all sorts of chances I will die. […]

The IIe Underground —

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful this site is. Yes, it’s in French. Yes it’s a vaguely weird URL to refer to, lacking the panache of a or other clever domain-based knick-knack. But what work! What amazing effort! What an astounding collection of Apple II lore, stories, screens, descriptions, documentation, textfiles! Ce […]