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Geocities Saved! —

OK, so here’s the high-level report: We Saved Geocities! Obviously, this needs a truckload of qualifications, so let’s go over them immediately. First of all “We” is not just Archive Team, badass archivist motherfuckers that we are. While probably 30-40 people from around the world stopped in on the Archive Team tent at the Geocitiesdownloadapalooza, […]

Geocities RIP —

I am sure we all laughed at the end, there, when one of the members of Archive Team, slaving like the rest of us to yank data out, suggested a link to a Geocities page with a MIDI of “The Final Countdown” by Europe. ┬áThe perfect tinny music to blast out of the speakers as […]

Statement on Sockington Selling Out —

I’ve mentioned it a few times in this weblog, and obviously other people have made the connection over time, but I’m the guy who does stuff with Sockington, the most popular cat on Twitter. His little daily concerns with tuna, windows, toys, and more tuna have been a part of my life for a couple […]

The Sabbatical Fund Continues —

Can I just say how blown away I am? Within two days, I’m already at 19% of the goal for this fundraiser I discussed. Two days! People have been sending me kind words about this plan, and really coming out of the woodwork for me. I am pleased and humbled. Energized isn’t the word for […]

GeoStupid —

You’re stupid and I hate you. I haven’t even met you, don’t even know where you are or what else you do, and I hate you. It’s 7 in the morning. I’ve been doing a lot of not sleeping lately. I’ve been doing a lot of not sleeping for months. I’ve been working on backing […]

Please Help Me Fund a Sabbatical —

All my favorite are the ideas that terrify me. Sometimes the terrifying idea is understandably terrifying – other times it’s just so many different ways of thinking about stuff that I’m lost in the possibilities. I think this is the second one. Basically, I’m reaching out to my fanbase and saying “Please help me work […]

IBM Binders —

This week’s sent-in cool stuff came from Steve Ross, who sent me a box of IBM Binders. Sometimes (OK, fine, often) I get to indulge in acquiring material that is personally meaningful to me. In the case of IBM binders, it’s one of those connections that, honestly, I find hard to explain but it’s overpowering. […]

The Atomic Level of Porn —

The presentation I gave at Arse Elektronika 2009, entitled “The Atomic Level of Porn”, has been edited and uploaded by the very talented Eddie Codel, who utilized slides I sent him with a well-mic’d, well-constructed set of footage to make a superior audio-visual product. The talk is mostly an attempt to show the various ways […]

Outlook is Cloudy —

Well, well, well. So you might have missed this piece of news, but this past week, if you owned a phone branded as a T-Mobile Sidekick, which itself was based on original work of the Danger Hiptop, then your phone’s data was all lost and if you power-cycle your phone, you will lose all your […]

Wait, How Many Pounds? —

I got mail from someone who saw I took in all those other magazines and books. “Hey, we’re getting rid of a bunch of magazines and books. Do you want them?” “Sure,” I said, “I’ll take it. Without question. I’ll pay for postage.” “Great.” So a little while and hundreds of dollars in postage later, […]