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Ten Years of Textfiles —

To celebrate a decade of, I’ve created a sub-site called the Ten Years of Textfiles. It’s basically a series of small essays with memories, thoughts, artifacts, photos and links of the story (and my own as well). Please pass it around and let people know about it, if you have a chance. Thanks.

Computer Camp Love —

A buddy of mine, Quag7, mentioned the existence of this rather interesting retro-themed music video by a band named “Datarock”: “Computer Camp Love”. As it turns out this song and its video are online at, a site that does what MTV most certainly does not do, which is dependably play music videos. Here’s the […]

Pretty and Pathetic —

A few thoughts on interfaces and completeness. My archives are by no means growing smaller – thanks to the efforts of people and my own collecting tendencies, tons of stuff ends up joining the site every month, mostly in the CD Shareware, Artscene and Audio collections. I am still sent BBS Lists going back […]

A Life in by 3 and out by 11 —

Shooting a documentary means doing some traveling. If your subject is particularly diverse or has a lot of locations where people are living, it can mean a ton of traveling. And inevitably, you will run out of friends you know and you will be staying in a hotel. And by hotel I mean a lot […]

A Few Thoughts on Conducting Interviews —

Just for the record, I’m just using this nice picture of Dan/Inky because it’s a representative resulting video screengrab. What I’m talking about doesn’t necessarily apply to his interview at all. With the end of the shooting phase of GET LAMP, and combining it with my previous film, I have conducted something on the order […]

Through a new lens —

Let me tell you of a magic thing. It’s called the letus, and let me explain how it works. It’s this honked up little converter that attaches to the front of a video camera, preferably one running high definition, and allows you to click on 35 millimeter film lenses onto it. Sound simple enough. It’s […]

One Less Jason Scott —

I didn’t know Jason Scott, but I sure did see his name a lot. With a common name like this one as my general name (it’s not my real one), it would be expected that I would bump up against other Jason Scotts. There’s Jason Scott Lee, the Hawaiian actor. There’s Jason Scott Roberts, who […]

Another Blu-Ray Strike —

OK, I admit it. Nights get long down here at Jason Scott Ranch and I don’t like to just walk away from things for political/ethical reasons just because my politics and ethics fall along a different path than others might. So a combination of wanting to consider all my options and the fact that my […]

The Age of Reason: An Apple II BBS —

From: Gene Buckle To: Subject: Maniac IIe… Telnet to The Age of Reason – Apple IIe running GBBS Pro v1.3j and the Land of Spur game from Dura Eurpos. The _only_ of either one running on the whole fraking planet. 🙂 Gene Buckle’s one of my secret weapons in the fight to save […]