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International Shipping Ends —

I’m no longer going to take international orders. This is not a light decision. International orders are half my sales. But I have to do it. So, here’s what’s been happening on the back end for a while: people order one of my documentaries, GET LAMP or the BBS Documentary. About once a week, when […]

Change Computer History Forever: Well, Here We Are —

When Brewster hired me in 2011, he had the foresight to recognize I’d spread in many directions once I was under the auspiciousness of the Internet Archive, but he definitely had one overarching goal with my employment. Paraphrasing, it was this: the Archive had done very well with books, music, visual items, and of course […]

Here is How Not to Do It —

Here is how not to treat your customers, especially ones that think you’re doing a great project and support you at a time before you’ve proven yourself. In February of 2012 (be sure you read that correctly, 2012), I attended a screening of¬†Linotype: The Film¬†at the Typekit offices (now fully owned by Adobe). We were […]