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Geocities Torrent Update —

Hey, remember that Geocities torrenting thing? OK, so right now no person outside of myself has the full copy of the Geocities torrent actually torrenting. Let me explain why and show the roadmap to fixing that. Essentially, the problem is that my internet connection isn’t what it used to be – I used to have […]

A Pair of Shoes —

Just a quick comparison between a pair of shoes I liked and bought about a year and a half ago, and the exact same brand and size of shoes bought new. I am really tough on shoes. I walk with a strange gait, pushing outwards on both sides as I walk, and this destroys pretty […]

Yahoo!locaust —

This little purple piece of crap is the screenshot heard around the world. You know, doing work with Archive Team, you can sometimes (well, often) feel you’re doing amazing work. ¬†We got a nice run against Geocities, got a lot of attention with things, spread the word a bit… you know, heroes and all that. […]

The Penalty Box —

Getting up on a decade of reading what is probably hundreds of thousands of weblog posts, I am least interested in “I am sick” posts. They tend, in the aggregate, to be yelly, teary-eyed rants punctuated by what one imagines to be coughing, all towards the goal of “I am sick”. As a bonus, they […]

A Little Less Conversation, a Little More CDs —

After a week or so of duping ISOs on the side, here is the collection as it currently stands. These will be eventually uploaded to and its mirrors. I’m happy to say two people have stepped forward and CD.TEXTFILES.COM will have two mirrors, CDMIRROR.TEXTFILES.COM and CDMIRROR2.TEXTFILES.COM. This makes me feel a ton better about […]