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Disruptive History —

I figured I’d bring this out in the open, because it’s an interesting facet of being a place where history is being told. And not just history, of course, but very specific history that a small number of people care about. It’s one thing to want “the truth” in history, and to want to know […]

A Sketch of Defcon Attendance —

This will be my 10th year attending DEFCON. I came in pretty late into actually attending hacker conferences, but I’ve tried to make up for lost time – I’ve attended something like 50 or thereabouts in the ensuing time. DEFCON continues to be the largest in most terms, with HOPE being a very close second. […]

Kansasfest 2009 —

I attended KansasFest 2009, the 20th anniversary. KansasFest is, basically, a 5-day Apple II-centric conference held in a dormitory/university in Kansas City, MO (hence the name). The history is that it had a previous name, but was informally called KansasFest, and when the original sponsor disappeared, the conference kept going and they kept the “new” […]

4Chan: Sage Not Bump (For Now) —

OK, so the upshot is that the 4chan archives I’ve acquired will not be going up to, or anywhere public, anytime soon. After a good amount of discussion with various mentors and friends, I’ve determined the negative results would outweigh the positive.  Don’t worry, nobody “got to” me. People don’t generally “get to” me […]


Yes, this is my week for dropping all sorts of announcements and news.  Here’s another one. Last year, after DEFCON came to a close, I was hanging out with a couple people from the staff and organization, including Dark Tangent, and I proposed the possibility of a retro room, something with older technology for the […]

Bump Not Sage: Saving 4Chan —

Probably the best part of following a logical-conclusion path is when people supporting you with pumping fists, hoots, and hollers start to pump their fists a bit less and do a lot less hooting. So let me inform you all and the world that, after many months of work and negotiation, I have acquired 10 […]

Back and Forth —

from Don Nguyen to cc Wilson Rothman , date Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 5:37 PM subject BBS pornography in 1979 Hi, My name is Don Nguyen, and I work at Gizmodo, a gadget and technology website. We are currently working on features about technology thirty years ago, and one of the issues […]


…is named Rob. Rob and I are doing a trial set of days this week (I’m away during the middle of the week to keynote an Apple II festival) and we’ll see how a life of being given free food and drink but forced to log various bits of computer history fares for him. His […]

Further Collection Additions —

Ben Sherman had mentioned a few times he had a bunch of old magazines for me.  This past week, he dropped them off. Ben has been on the staff of 2600 magazine for some time, and of course has collected his own stuff over the years. So I didn’t entirely know what I was getting, […]

ConfCon 2009 —

I will be the opening commencement speaker at ConfCon ’09, which is being held in a little more than a week, on Saturday the 25th. You have very little excuse not to attend. Why? Because ConfCon, a conference dedicated to the subject of Phone Phreaking, will be held on a telephone conference for five straight […]