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Where am I —

People who have been enjoying the cool, refreshing, and steady stream of intelligent postings from me over this past year are probably now concerned that I am dead, depressed, or yet another mummified corpse piled on top of the realm of the Defunct Weblog. Well, have no fear. I’m simply doing an enormous amount of […]

Your News in Full-Color GIF —

A person seeking a real sense of innovation vertigo could not do much better than to browse issues of GIF News, an online distributed newsletter edited and maintained by Eric Hsiao from 1988 to 1993. For example, it is worth noting that this is the full resolution of the earlier issues, 320 by 200 pixels. […]


CD.TEXTFILES.COM has been up and down for the last few weeks while I’ve been moving it to a new server. The old server that textfiles runs on seems to crash or stop doing networking under specific heavy load (and randomly, too), so a new server is being populated. Every other site is already active […]

The Worldgroup Underground —

I got a nice letter from someone discussing how the BBS Documentary missed a subject. For the record, it missed it because I didn’t cover contemporary BBS issues, and the shooting for the film was done in 2004, so even if it had done contemporary issues, they would be contemporary issues from a half-decade ago. […]