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Building a Cast List —

I like to think one of the real distinct aspects of the technical documentaries I’ve done so far are the cast lists – the list of interviewees that I pull from to get the story the documentary is aiming for. In more standard situations, the cast lists tend to be rather small and have a […]

Escalation —

So, here’s how this goes. By my very, very rough estimation, I probably engage in about three thousand transactions related to my projects in a given year. This consists of people who need information, people who want me to send them something, people who want to send me something, and so on – the normal […]

Kickstarting The Details —

It’s five days left in the Kickstarter funding drive I started 55 days ago. It has been, by any measure, an enormous success. I set the whole thing at 60 days because that was the maximum that Kickstarter allows these days, and because I was asking for people to pledge $100,000 toward my project idea, […]