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Fool Me 16,380 Times, Shame on Me —

Salutations, dewy-eyed fuckstick. I’ve met you before, of course. I’ve met the type you are, the way you are, and your dreams you think you’re selling are nothing new. Your whole culture is poison, shifting its language and buzzwords and goals on a whim to satisfy what you think people are going to buy into. […]

JSMESS and the Big Day —

  On Thursday, the 24th, (1024, in computer vernacular) I was part of a raft of announcements from the Internet Archive for the coming year. Reviews of great things that happened, great things happening, wonders to be shown. If you want to watch the whole event with pomp and circumstance (surprise guest and all), then […]

Scanning: Some Thoughts —

If perfect is the enemy of done, scanning has whipped out a switchblade and standing next to perfect, ready to kick done’s ass. Scanning is probably the number one thing I deal with, in terms of a process that folks can do themselves and which everyone has completely wild ideas about. How to scan, what […]