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The Twitters —

It occurs to me that some people who read my weblog might not know my twitter feed. I’ve been there for years, but it doesn’t come up here all that much. Perhaps not surprisingly, the feed’s name is @textfiles. I’m rangy, weird, abrasive, occasionally helpful and informative. You know, like usual. Check it out.

Floppy Disks: It’s Too Late —

Someone has to break it to you, and that person is me. It’s over. You waited too long. You procrastinated or made excuses or otherwise didn’t think about it or care. You didn’t do anything and it’s too late now. I’m talking about Floppy Disks. And I mean the five-and-a-quarter (5 1/4″) floppy disks that […]

To There and Back Again – And More Stuff! —

I’ve been a little busy, doing a little travelling for the summer. When I get back home this weekend, I’ll be kicking things into full gear with my work with Archive Team,, GDC, and other projects. But let me mention a few things worth going into that I did while globetrotting. The Arcade Manuals […]