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The Process —

From the mailbox: Hello Jason, In about a month and a half, I’ll be undertaking a video interview series of ultramarathon runners. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with both interviewing and video production. My frame of reference for beginning is your BBS Documentary. I imagine I’ll essentially film interviews in the same manner that you […]

Blockparty 4 Success —

For whatever reason, no North American Demoparty has ever survived past 3 years. That changed last week, as Blockparty hit #4. Four years of Blockparty! Who would have thought! Well, anyone who heard me promise at the first one that we’d have five. I do have to say, however, that things really were looking dim […]

Library of Tweets —

While I was out galavanting, Twitter and the Library of Congress announced they were going to be archiving every single public tweet on twitter, with an embargo delay of six months. (I.e. all public tweets older than six months, going back to 2006). Here’s my official response: FUCK YES I TOTALLY APPROVE Seriously, the only […]

Digital: A Love Story —

It’s nice to be reminded of how many people are looking out for me and my interests.  A few weeks ago, while travelling, I got mails, instant messages, and pages that there was some sort of “BBS Game” out there, and that it thanked me, and that it was based on calling into BBSes. I […]

A Double Demoparty Year —

It’s a special year in the US, with two demoparties happening, one of which is entirely new. I’ve been radio silent about it, but Blockparty #4 is about to happen in Cleveland, Ohio, starting on the 15th of April. I would really suggest going. I’ve written a ton about demoparties and why they’re so much […]

In the Blackout —

I don’t like advice given by people in the form of “I have discovered something, and woe be unto you for not following my hard-won knowledge”, especially if that form comes wrapped up by a price tag or implied sale requirement.  I won’t name entities I see who do this online and hate, because part […]