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North, North, Get Lamp, West, Jump —

It’s been a while since I’ve added any major amount of vintage textfiles to the main site. When people send me their own creations, I quickly add them to the uploads section; that works out to maybe one or two files a week. But I’m happy to say I added over 120 new adventure walkthrough […]

Candy Colored Promises —

While I’m a person who despises intrusive and unwarranted advertising in previously clean and ad-free spaces (a concept best typified by urinal ads), that doesn’t necessarily mean I hate every single last aspect of marketing. Just most of it. Specifically, when a company or entity designs a product or service and, instead of just shoving […]

No Calls, Please —

I could tell by the phone number on my caller ID (217) that I probably didn’t know who this was. 217, that’s Illinois. Probably one of the usual telemarketing calls that want to offer me telecommunication services or reams of copy paper for my (non-existent) business. All of my domains basically point to the same […]

Room With an Interview —

The following is an interview conducted over e-mail with me by APC Magazine, a technology-based website and print magazine in Australia. Since this website gets a few hundred people a week and the print magazine gets many tens of thousands, I see no issue with posting it here as well. If you live in Australia, […]

Why Is There No Advertising on —

I wrote this article a little more than a year ago, after entering into an argument with someone trying to get me to sell his product on my site, wherein he told me I was being obtuse and out of touch after I refused. I’ve reprinted it here because you are technically a different/new audience, […]

An Increasingly Misnamed But Still Interesting Site —

Some time after started to gain popularity, I found more and more examples of files that post-dated the BBS era, but which were pretty much in the same “spirit” as the files on the site. The problem with just dropping them into the mix was that I was encountering issues where files about “How […]