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Ding Ding Ding —

The clock ran out. My intention was to post 30 entries in 30 days on here, but that was entirely too aggressive. Mostly, I like to think, because I believe strongly in posting meaty, informative essays and link collections that will make your life better. The background static of a life eating meals, seeing someone […]

Spoiler Alert for 2013 —

Since I joined the Internet Archive, my big deal has been dumping in as much data as possible into their significant and notable archives – with so much disk space and with my having so much stuff at arm’s reach, it hasn’t been too hard, either. Besides the Archive Team collection, which is rather large […]

Kickstarter in Autumn —

So I told you how great Kickstarter is, as well as my experiences running various Kickstarters, and now I’ll close this out with a tale of despair and decay – just the kind of story arc I love. Let’s run through the allegiances and connections one more time, in case people are seeking some easy […]

Kickstarter in Summer —

I wrote an entry about Kickstarter from the point of view of a person starting or running a campaign, and I’ve talked to a lot of people in podcasts and other venues about it, all from the same point of view. Now, let me talk about it as a backer. I got into Kickstarter early, […]

The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History —

Folks, I’ve said I’m not a fan of Wikipedia for nearly ten years now. I used to mention it in presentations until I found that eighteen-year-olds would confront me at the end, like I spoke out against oxygen or wearing socks. So I don’t mention it much anymore and generally, it doesn’t come up. They […]

Missing in Action: 8-Bit Generation Documentary —

    UPDATE: Please read this later entry for update on this documentary. I’m putting this here to get some attention. There’s a documentary in production, or which was in production, which was a mini series about all things 8-bit consoles and computers. It’s called “8 Bit Generation”. It has trailers up. The trailers are […]

What a Wonder is a Terrible Monitor —

While doing some preliminary interview footage for the Arcade Documentary project, I asked a bunch of teenagers what most surprised them at the MAGFest pop-up arcade, where dozens of games of all stripe were right there ready to be played. To a person, it was one thing: The vector monitor on Asteroids. If you see […]

GET LAMP Raw Interviews Pretty Much Up —

An important milestone is finally here for GET LAMP: pretty much all the full interviews are now up on It was important to me, especially at the beginning, that GET LAMP bring into existence some long-form interviews with people who had been so influential in my life and so many others. The writers, coders […]