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The Ninety Dollar Shareware CD-ROM —

I am going through a massive pile of CD-ROMs I bought on auction. For $40, including shipping, I got something like 200-300 CD-ROMs of shareware, trials, cover disks and random what-have-you.  I had another package from a contributor who sent in his collection, so the number’s probably closer to 300. That’s a lot of historical […]

BBS Documentary: Gone (And Back Again) —

In 2005, when it was time to do all the DVD duplication for my new movie “BBS: The Documentary”, I had to choose how many copies were going to be in the initial run. Since I figured this was the greatest movie ever, and would sell like hotcakes, I chose a run of 4,500. 1,200 […]

I Sure Wish You Got It —

Subject: I Sure Wish You Got It In answer to your webpage: Dear Jason, This is in regards to the lawsuit against you from Mr. Mitchell. I do not know him personally but I know the issue he is making his best attempt to correct and from reading your page I will assume that you […]

Mom and Pop —

I got this back in February from a guy named David, and David was entirely right. I was just discussing with my co-worker that most of the good old mom and pop computer stores are now gone (having presumably been killed off by the Internet and online shopping).  Granted I’m in Albuquerque, NM and we […]

How Facebook Export Currently Works —

In October, Facebook made the announcement that you could finally export your information. Woo hoo! What’s interests me is less how Facebook implemented the exporting (spoiler alert: so-so) than the fact that they felt they need to do this. Why did they spontaneously decide to add exporting of any fashion? (If you want the clunky […]

CD.TEXTFILES.COM Needs Mirrors —

OK, so CD.TEXTFILES.COM is such a wild, insane success that I’m starting to think I need mirrors. Right now, the data’s only in two locations, and I don’t like that. I’m going to make it three, shortly. With over 350gb of data in over 3.3 million files, it’s a lot of data. But what data! […]

Your Roger Corman Future —

OK, let’s begin by establishing some things. Currently, by the standards of independent (actually independent) filmmaking, I’m fucking Steven Spielberg. I’ve made two films, BBS and GET LAMP, which are not even films – one is a box-set miniseries and the other is actually three documentaries combined with a coin. They’re films++, a reflection of […]

Flyer Archives —

I’ve gone on about how fantastic Jamie Zawinski’s chronicles of taking over and renovating the DNA Lounge are.  Besides his unflinching of the ups and downs of renovating the club, and his deliciously nasty reaction to the status quo of licensing and politics surrounding entertainment in a city reknowned for being open-minded and supposedly free, […]

Chicks —

There was a joker in every crowd.  I use the word “joker” because the jokers traditionally have thin defensive skin and calling them what they are instead of Jokers gets that hurt look I don’t need on a night of triumph. All the nights were nights of triumph on the JET LAMP tour, by the […]