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Still Never Shutting Up —

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Been rather busy for the past year, here and there, with all sorts of appearances, presentations, call-ins and the sort of public speaking I’ve always enjoyed doing. And the movie, obviously. But I just took a little time just now and backfilled a good amount of talks I gave recently into the Presentations Page on the site.

It’s quite a selection and many have audio and video links, in case you’ve missed them – probably a couple hours of delight and dismay.

I love giving these, so keep me in mind, everyone out there.

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  1. Sidepocket says:

    I also plan on shutting up but I sometimes feel that is more of a bad thing than a good thing.

    You should never shut up because unlike me you have way more interesting things to talk about. =D

  2. Joe Dye says:

    your shmoocon is here: