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I am occasionally going to reprint articles elsewhere, for this relatively new audience. This is from a year or two ago. Write your own, too; you’ll be glad you did. It’s too easy in life to forget the people who helped make you what you are, who inspired you and gave you the early lessons […]

Documentary Triptychs —

A old high-school chum of mine, Terry Tocantins (pronounced TOH can TEENS), was the producer for a rather unique and interesting documentary called “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”, which told the story of a group of hardcore fans who waited outside a theatre for 30 days before the premiere of the new Star Wars film, […]

How It’s Done: Digitizing and Culling —

I’m going to go over the process of taking my video footage to where I can edit it. I’m doing this because there’s a relative dearth of explanation from people how they do things, and it’s just a nice thing to leave it up where others can find it on a search. I made the […]

The Disks of Mister Keegan —

Throughout the production of the documentary, there have been a number of projects I have picked up, related yet not related, which have sat and waited for me to get to them. Some of these projects involve doing work with the possessions of others that I have been holding for (in some cases) upwards of […]

BBS Documentary Update —

It is a surreal feeling, having pushed a rock up a hill for a very long time, to find the load suddenly lighter. In fact, as you consider it, the rock is not just getting lighter, but is possibly moving on its own. At that point, it will dawn on you that you have in […]

Unusual Documentary Wrap-Up —

I thought I’d mention a few documentaries I’m aware of that are either out or coming out, since I know that I would appreciate the same in their shoes. Time will tell if my release date (which is the end of this year) will coincide with theirs. It nearly goes without saying that I intend […]