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Snake Oil —

A little side-track on the weekend; a friend of mine didn’t believe me when I said this product was being sold in the checkout line of my supermarket, so I bought a bottle to prove it, and since that’s $13 (!!) wasted, the least I can do is amortize the ha-ha by sharing it with […]

That Time that I Cared —

The hardest part of my “job” is neither the collecting of artifacts and information, nor the by-its-very-nature obsolesence of the things I surround my life with. It’s not even the lawyer threats or the endless arranging of my time such that I can do the work of 387 meth addicts. The hardest part, by far, […]

Landscapes by the Country Gardener —

I have a little brother, and his name is Brandon. He’s 19 months younger than me, and where I went into film school and computer administration, he went into landscape design, snowplowing and construction. He works with landscapes like I work with textfiles, if that’s any endorsement. He’s really, really good at it. He’s been […]

It Is Pitch Dark —

Principal shooting finished up last night for a side-project: a music video in support of a song on MC Frontalot’s new album, Secrets From the Future. For some segment of the population, the idea of the director of the BBS Documentary doing a music video with the head of the nerdcore hip-hip movement for a […]

Homecoming —

I was chatting with one of my oldest friends, and while going over a few things, he said “TIM needs a new home”. “What?” I said. “Let me forward you the e-mail trail,” he said. When I was 19, living for the first time in my own apartment with multiple roommates, I’d started to get […]

A Touch of the Shmoo —

The weekend was spent, as mentioned previously, at Shmoocon, which is either a hacker conference, a security conference, DEFCON East, or The Potter Family Speech Extravaganza. Here’s some Potters for you. I’d normally go off here on a multi-paragraph description of Shmoocon, but knowing about Shmoocon isn’t Shmoocon’s problem. Every one of the three years […]

Shmoocon: Hackers on a Plane —

I’ll write a separate summary of Shmoocon shortly, but I wanted to highlight a most intriguing idea which the fellows from the Hacker Foundation are floating and putting together. The idea is simple enough: Hackers on a Plane. Here’s the pitch. Basically, there’s the DEFCON convention, coming this summer to Las Vegas, and shortly afterward […]

Headrush: My First Film —

Under the “humble beginnings” department, I present to you my first film; “Headrush”. Created in 1986, this was the final project for a film class I took in Sophomore year at Horace Greeley High School. It was shot on 8mm film, and required the soundtrack to be played on a record player timed to the […]

Shmoocon —

Today, I leave for Shmoocon, a security and hacking convention held in Washington, DC and brokered by the Shmoo Group, members of which I’ve become good buddies with. I’m co-presenting with a handful of people on Sunday, a talk in which we cover aspects of the One Laptop Per Child project. This project is basically […]

Music Video —

So, next week I’m shooting a music video. Not too many details to give right now about the content itself, but I did want to touch a little bit on things involved in making one, because it might be of use to people. Music Videos are basically short films that accompany music; they can range […]