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Haircut and a Holocaust —

This post is kind of a bummer, although it does have a somewhat happy ending. I don’t discuss my own family history before my being born all that often – mostly out of privacy, partially out of not having been there, and maybe a dash of “too busy on other subjects”, but I wanted to […]

Taking the Sears Time Machine for a Test Drive —

I tried one of those experiments, where a lot of people know something might work, but nobody wants to put down the bucks to see if it will. So I decided to go for it. Sears, that venerable chain of mail catalogs-turned-stores-turned-K-Mart-Meal, has a Parts Direct website where, in theory, you can buy anything they ever […]

On the On the Media —

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  This is On the Media. I’m Brooke Gladstone. BOB GARFIELD:  And I’m Bob Garfield. Once we put photos in a scrapbook. Today we put them on Flickr. Once we chronicled our days in a diary. Now we update our Facebook page. Once we kept Super 8 movies of our kids. These days we post […]

…and here we are. —

It took a lot to get me to move the ASCII weblog. A ton, a mass. You have to be a certain high quality of assmunch to get me to throw half a day into the fire and slowly, painfully move 9 years of website, of individual, unique quirks and odd choices, buried under the sands […]