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ARC/ZIP Perspective by Dean W. Cooper —

This statement is posted as-is, with no changes or editing, by Jason Scott. Comments by Jason will be in the comments section. My Perspective on the PKARC / ARC Controversy by Dean W. Cooper Nov 30th, 2009 Who Am I I am the author of the DWC archiver which was created around the same time […]

The Coming Information Utility, Now Gone and Everywhere —

The file is downloadable here. Here’s a local copy of this file:¬†WesternUnionStrategicPlans_1965 I don’t expect a person coming in from the cold to spontaneously read a 17-page, weirdly-scanned document without some sort of context. So let me give it that context. This internal Western Union memo from 1965, from what I believe is either a […]

Kickstartup —

This is an entry about how that image happened, what was involved in it, some thoughts about it, and a general announcement or two related to it. In September, my company I’d worked for for between 9-13 years (depending on how count) laid me off. It was done in a perfunctory fashion by a personality-lacking […]

The TEXTFILES.COM Information Cube 1.0 —

This Friday, I was at my brother’s compound helping oversee the installation of a secret project, now revealed: The Information Cube. That’s my little brother and the driver, discussing the best way to offload this monster onto the property. At 40 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet, this is a storage container which has […]

Scottathon II —

I’m going to wrap up the fundraiser during the day tomorrow, at 2pm EST, on Called “Scottacon II: The Thankening”, it’ll be two hours of fun in a to-be-announced filming location. You’ll be able to see it at this location. I’ll be elaborating on what this all means during tomorrow’s event, and of course […]

Netscape Now! —

In the thematic family of my collection of ¬†Under Construction and Mail GIFs from Geocities, let me introduce yet another: NETSCAPE THEN! Much in the same way that the early days of Geocities are quickly lost to time, so is it with the early days of the corporatization of browsers, the transition from academic and […]

Archive Team: Pssst, Want Some MIDI? —

Hey, remember those MIDI backgrounds so popular on some websites over the years? Sometimes the songs were great. Sometimes they really weren’t. For some people, the sound of “My Heart Will Go On” playing over a memorial site or “Crazy” (by Patsy Cline) playing over your personal weblog page was the height of tacky. For […]

Three Notebooks —

Three explorers set out. One wanted to rescue comrades. One wanted to talk to new people. One wanted to meet people and bring back knowledge. They never met, but that’s to be expected – they set out at different times, using different ships, to different destinations. One was Robert Wilson Andrews of the Kilauea, a […]

A Short History of Spelling Things R0ng —

This happens more than it should: I am engaged in a roundabout fashion with a person or persons whose work parallels/compliments mine, I acknowledge they’re doing good work, whatever it is, but I don’t just sit down and sift through their work. I have no idea why this happens. Jealousy? Fear of copying good ideas? […]