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You’re Stealing it Wrong —

This summer, for DEFCON 18, I gave a talk called “You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles”.  The proposal was good enough that less than a few hours after I submitted it, Dark Tangent himself tweeted about it. That was enough pressure to ensure I had lots of backup material, lots of items to discuss. The result is pretty far out there.

Here’s the video from the speech.

You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

I endeavor to thank the contributors to my sabbatical, for it’s their efforts that have allowed me to get all I’ve gotten done this past year, stuff that will pay off literally for years.  (I am well aware I owe my contributors their actual awards, and that’s the plan for October.)

As for content, I have a strong opinion that a good talk isn’t a self-contained story, but a series of entertaining threads all gathered up, all of which you can then pull on and learn more about. To that end, there’s a lot to check out. Happy hunting.

I must say, I really, really like this format that DEFCON’s recording entity, The Sound of Knowledge, use for speeches. You get the slides in perfect clarity, the name of what you’re watching, and the gesticulations of the speaker all captured as great as they can be. Yeah, they glitched and lost my video for a little bit, but  you got my audio recorded properly.

And what’s up with that hat!

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  1. Shadyman says:

    Great talk, I just watched it in its entirety!

  2. Hi, I totally love your talks… Awesome. Loled a lot.
    – Daniel

  3. Ismail Donmez says:

    Video does not play for me, problem with vimeo maybe?

  4. Fiach Antaw says:

    Incredible talk, I wish it could’ve gone on to its natural conclusion. That archive of pirate notices seemed pretty interesting, were there any other interesting bits and pieces in there that you found?

  5. M0tor says:

    Haha. Fucking shadyman. Your releases are trash. Poorly done rubbish.

  6. Yesman says:

    Great talk! Enjoyed it

  7. Alkivar says:

    good talk… this sort of stuff is why I keep reading your blog!

  8. h says:

    Excellent talk. Looking forward to the next one.

  9. Mike says:

    Awesome talk, wish I couldve been there to see it live. Love your works

  10. neddludd says:

    loved this talk!

    i like the intertwining threads anecdotes and stories and how you really see history repeating

    the high-res video format is great however when it comes to jasons videos Its fun to see him gesticulating etc

    too bad it was cut short!

  11. JayP says:

    Agreed. Too bad you were rushed at the end.
    I found myself in a fit wanting more detail in the last several details.

  12. Shii says:

    where’s the scene archive you talk about at the end?? the web must have it

  13. RaD Man says:

    classic Jason speech, loved it 🙂

  14. tjo says:

    Shii: The web does indeed have it. Here:

  15. LeMonkey says:

    This was great, as always. Thanks for putting it up.