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Opinion Spectrum Collapse Disorder —

During the presentation I gave at ROFLthing this past January about Sockington, I pulled out a term from the air to describe something I’ve been seeing in action lately.  Here’s what the slide looked like, courtesy of Scott Beale of Laughingsquid: What’s been really interesting for me in the past 20 years or so is […]

The Continuing Adventure of Archive Team —

Archiveteam, the proposed league of archiving superheroes I mentioned in a weblog entry and then another one, has been a wonderful success so far. The website is being updated frequently, the occasional project goes underway to save things, and a sad loneliness I felt about the process of saving things has been greatly assuaged. I […]

Ah, Joe Clark. —

Ah, Mister Joe Clark. A person who has created some sort of visual work that has spoken language will decide they want it to be more accessible, either to people who don’t speak the language or to a raft of other folks (who I’ll cover in a moment). Naturally, these people will start searching around […]

Infringement From The Future, Legal Dept. —

From: Ted Schredd – Discover Fun <> To: Cc:;; Subject: Fwd: Your content on your site… Hey there, Very funny content on your site here Unfortunately you stole it from our site without giving us credit. Please remove it immediately to avoid legal action Yours truly, Discover Fun Legal Department […]

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector 2 —

Hurry, hurry, friends. This will probably be one of the only times you will be able to download and play a game that has Cory Doctorow, Emmanuel Goldstein, Bre Pettis, The Fat Man/George Sanger, Irina Slutsky, Jello Biafra, Bruce Sterling… and me. I can barely describe this thing. Let’s see how they do it: Soviet […]

Racing the Beam —

Think of all the time I’m going to save you. Instead of writing a massive amount of flowery language about Racing the Beam, the new book co-authored by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost, I am going to nail it right down to whether you will want or not want this book based on one section. […]

Blockparty! April 16-19th. Be there. —

Is it that time again? Why yes, friends, it most certainly is. Yes, the demoparty that RaD Man and I run out during Notacon in Cleveland, Ohio is now going into its third year. The website will give you a lot more details that I should have to dump here, but rest assured we’re going […]