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One-Two Quote Punch —

My cubicle at work is completely bare except for a single quote hung on the wall next to the computer. A lot of people have heard this quote, but I don’t mind being yet another person quoting it, just in case you haven’t. It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points […]

World Expert —

As far as I can tell, I am the world expert on dial-up Bulletin Board Systems. A statement sandbagged with such hubris has to come with some caveats, of course. Anybody can kick my ass with minutiae about the specific geographically-centered “scenes” they were part of for months or years. Employees of certain BBS-oriented companies […]

Casting the Woz —

As part of the Wozipedia project, I decided I was going to take advantage of various collected Wozniak speeches and presentations he’s made over the years, letting him speak in his own words instead of paraphrasing him. When left alone (and given lots of time), Wozniak spins amazing yarns. For reasons I still don’t quite […]

Timeout —

This week, I had had a pretty cool plan: Go to California, do an interview for GET LAMP, then go to Hawaii for a few days with family. This past Sunday, the day of my flight, I woke up with another kidney stone. Well, I should say I woke up from the extreme pain of […]

You Are Fuel —

Last year, I got a sudden burst of referrer links to my Great Failure of Wikipedia speech. In fact, the links were all variant amounts of criticial attacks, some strong-willed, others mis-informed. I started to respond to a few until I realized that they were doing it for a class, a class in Blogging, actually. […]

Smarties and Dumbells —

Sometime in my later teens, after being raised on the “mean streets” of Bulletin Board Systems, ASCII Express lines, and the occasional Diversi-Dial, I got myself onto the Usenet posting boards. It was stunning to me, because I didn’t know people could write online like that. For a quick comparison of what I’m talking about, […]

The Beautiful Boot —

What I think has impressed me the most over the years I’ve worked with computers are the times I’ve come to an expectation that a computer acts a “certain way”… and then along comes a programmer, hacker or tinkerer who proves that no, in fact you’re wrong and it doesn’t have to be that “certain […]

BLOCKPARTY UPDATE: Speakers List is Finalized —

That Demo Party I’m co-organizing for April, Blockparty, now has the speakers list finalized. These are people who are speaking specifically about demoscene and scene-related topics, as well as the dozens of others speaking at the hosting conference, Notacon. Here are my own personal takes on the speakers; the speakers page has more generalized information […]

The February Goat Update —

I know people are probably wondering how that whole replace a popular image with a less popular one experiment has been going. While I doubt I’ll be doing many more “updates” unless something really cool or interesting happens in the future, I might as well give some hard statistics for the people who were wondering […]

Generation TEXT —

In case you’re wondering, I do actually get fan mail, non-ironically, thanking me for the various projects I’ve done. I get hate mail too, but the fan-mail outnumbers it 20 to 1. So what I’m really saying is: Get cracking, you bastards. In recent years, however, I’ve been receiving a type of fan mail I […]