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Conspiracy’s a Special Word —

I got a nice letter in the mail today. Hi, I may be contacting the wrong person, but were you involved in the production of a short called “Conspiracy Rock” about the JFK assassination? I loved that and have been looking for a copy of it for years. Are copies available? What’s touching about this […]

The Strip-Miners —

There’s this slightly ugly trend that’s been going on in documentary filmmaking for a while. I’m sure it has some roots going many years back, but it’s come into my radar and I’m not sure how well it’s been covered or mentioned, so I figured I might as well pipe up. Succinctly: For years, promoters […]

Shmoocon —

I’ll be attending Shmoocon next month, the weekend of the 16th of February. This will be of interest to some people because my presentation will include actual GET LAMP edited footage. The schedule’s over here, and there I am at 3pm on Saturday. The conference is basically sold out, so unless you have a ticket […]

Geek Entertainment —

The ANSI Art show I attended earlier this month got a little video coverage, courtesy of Geek Entertainment, a “web-broadcast” television show that purports to cover some sort of general geek-relevant topics, which the site lists as “web 2.0, tagging, AJAX, social software and the bubble juice known as VCs”. All well and good. The […]

Zero Stars —

I have a soft spot in my heart, maybe even a warm and loving relationship, with speed runs. Speed runs, in this case, refers to a genre of video game recordings wherein people play through a game as fast as they possibly can. The gold standard for me is “Quake Done Quick (With a Vengeance)” […]

Blockparty Speakers List Finalized —

We’ve finished assembling the speaker’s list for Blockparty 2008, the second Blockparty. Here’s the list, as it appears on the site. The Fat Man: Art Behind Enemy Lines: A Target-Rich Environment In the first five minutes of his talk, Fat will define Art once and for all, especially in context of high technology creation and […]

The Most Popular Thing Ever —

Oh, there’s been some great hits in my webserving past. The word gets out, and thousands of people start visiting a specific URL or location on one of my sites. This has included the “Freedom, Justice and a Disturbingly Gaping Ass” weblog entry on this site (78,000 visitors in a single day) and Koalas are […]

On the Outset of Editing —

Editing in earnest began on the GET LAMP project over the weekend. There’s still a tiny set of interviews left to do, as well as a continually open door to a couple of people who said no to change their minds. But with roughly 80 interviews done, totaling 100 hours, I think we can make […]

My Best Bosses: Pat —

While not required to jump on his sword like my boss Brian, Patrick O’Malley was definitely up there, a close second to Brian in all he did for me. By the time Brian hired me, he did so when I was 29, a veteran of hosting computers and UNIX and a bunch of other technical […]

My Best Bosses: Brian —

I was lucky enough to have a little dinner with old co-employees last night, and it reminded me to put my thoughts down about a few of my best bosses. I’m going to start with Brian, because his actions are particularly memorable. Here’s what Brian looks like nowadays. He used to have no goatee but […]