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The Distrust Sphinchter —

I have completed my initial impromptu 10 year survey of the transportation security administration. I was drafted into this wretched task as a side effect of my work with my first documentary. Whereas previously I might travel one or two times a year by plane, I suddenly found myself taking dozens of flights, until I […]

The Fuel Costs of Not Moving —

copy of letter sent to William Scotsman: I’ve been a very happy customer with regards to the shipping container I have rented from you for several years. That is, I rented a shipping container, paid for the transport to and from the site, and have left it full of stuff in my backyard for […]

The JSMESS Endgame —

  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about an “end” to JSMESS. Oh goodness – far from it. Of the two versions of JSMESS we’re currently working with (the “in-process” version and the “dressed for dinner” version), we’re going to be adding a third version for general distribution out to anyone who wants to […]

The Frightening Cornucopia —

I am an extremely lucky person. I’m lucky for a host of reasons, but in this particular case, I’ve been matched up with the Perfect Job very early in my life – my 40s. Some people get earlier, of course, but many more get it later, if at all. Life at the Internet Archive is […]