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Speaking at Shmoocon 2010: ARCHIVE TEAM! —

I have had a talk accepted for Shmoocon 2010, held in Washington DC on February 5-7. The topic, I’m happy to say, will be Archive Team, that little project I got wrapped into earlier this year. This was a talk I had proposed for CCC 26, but their absolutely terrible paper submission site gave me […]

The Atomic Level of Porn —

The presentation I gave at Arse Elektronika 2009, entitled “The Atomic Level of Porn”, has been edited and uploaded by the very talented Eddie Codel, who utilized slides I sent him with a well-mic’d, well-constructed set of footage to make a superior audio-visual product. The talk is mostly an attempt to show the various ways […]

A Most Delightful Culture Clash —

I had a couple trips saved up on the to-do pile, paid for and so on, when I was laid off. ┬áSo for a while now, I’ve gotten to still enjoy the vestiges of my previous lifestyle laying before an austere future. The last of these paid-for events was this past weekend, attending and speaking […]

Speaking: Arse Elektronika —

I will be in San Francisco on October 1-4, attending the Monochrom-and-others-sponsored event, Arse Elektronika. If you check the schedule, you will see that I am speaking on October 2nd, at the Center for Sex and Culture, and that my talk will be entitled “Atomic Porn: What is the smallest particle of erotica?”. Make of […]