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All of the Podcasts —

This is a story about how I ended up downloading every podcast. But it’s actually a little more than that. I have a reputation/name as a historian now, and that’s nice, but I’m primarily a collector. I have an innate need to put things with other things like it and end up with a large […]

BBS Documentary Update: The Dog That Roared —

The FIDONET episode is ready for the Eye of Doom. Folks, we’re getting close. What’s basically remaining, aside from some basic refining and icing, is the last part of the MAKE IT PAY episode. I’ll talk about that episode when I finish it, which I hope is very, very soon. FIDONET was a bear of […]

Fahrenheit 300/1200/2400 —

I had an excellent phone conversation tonight, discussing the approach I took to making the documentary and some of the changes in myself and the process that occurred over the four years. My counterpart mentioned, as an aside, a conversation he himself had had with another person who responded to my name in a less-than-positive […]

BBS Documentary Update —

One of my disks is acting flaky. All through the production, I’ve had to deal with the inherent lack of quality of IDE disks. I’ve had fifteen (15) die in the past few years. With over 2.5 terabytes of disks in use at any time with the video footage, I’ve just been playing the odds. […]

BBS Documentary Update —

ARTSCENE is done. ARTSCENE is the episode dealing with the ANSI Art Scene that rose up in the early 1990’s, which had roots in the 1980’s and decades before that. I mostly tell the story of ACiD (ANSI Creators in Demand) and iCE (Insane Creators Enterprises), who were two of dozens (perhaps hundreds) of Art […]