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Blockparty —

I am not exaggerating when I say that I could not imagine Blockparty going better than it did. Oh, sure, I could make things up and say that it didn’t have a air castle or funhouse in the parking lot, or I could complain there was no free sushi cart in the hallway with a […]

Bittorrent: Solitary. Fashionable. Ethereal. —

I wrote this letter earlier this year regarding a debate whether to put up a collection of talks up as one large file directory on bittorrent, or have separate “torrents” for each individual talk. I favored one large file directory, and went entirely overboard explaining why. I figured it might have some relevance for others […]

NAC1M1 —

At a demoparty, there is often what’s called a “Wildcard” or “Wild” competition, where entrants can basically throw in anything they want to and compete for prizes. It sounds free-form, because it is. The entry can be a movie, a performance, a program, you name it, the sky’s the limit. They can get pretty out […]

Alex —

There is nothing sordid here. When I was a lot younger, probably in my single digits, I befriended a local neighbor, name of Alex. Actually, his name was Alexas. That’s an odd name for a guy to have, but that’s what he had. He had red hair, freckles, and a slightly off-kilter outlook at life. […]

Outage —

To ensure that things would run smoothly at the demoparty that I was hosting, I worked for no short time on a Partymeister server. Partymeister is basically demoparty maintenance software which allows for ease of voting, tabulation, messaging between attendees and a dozen other functions. It’s really cool, but required a lot of careful, quiet […]

L0pht, Cracked —

There was an article that came out recently, describing in some level of depth and accuracy the story of the l0pht, a “hacker collective” that thrived from the early 1990s through to a purchase/merger by a rebranded security company called @stake, which for all intents and purposes killed it. This is a somewhat jarring article […]

Diskmags —

As I’m preparing to head out to the Blockparty @ Notacon event, I try to clear out my e-mail, because I’ll be away from my home office and working on stuff on a stunted pace. It’s always a kind of grab-bag situation, finally giving an e-mail that’s been tenaciously sitting around waiting for me to […]

New and Old —

Yesterday’s mention of Super Paper Mario reminds me of a little low-rumbling theme I’ve encountered in the past decade or so, with regards to people hearing I do things like buy the Nintendo Wii or dump cash into an iPod or fuck around with Twitter and the like. Apparently it can be jarring to think […]

Super Paper Mario —

I’ve been playing Super Paper Mario for the Wii since it came out, and I finally “Solved” it, that is, I got to the part where it shows you the credits after telling you how everything ended. I choose games I’m going to get really involved in carefully these days; lack of time and all […]

The Big Push Continues —

Roughly three months ago I joined a gym and mentioned on here that I was doing so. I also explained my motivations for doing it and what I hoped to achieve. I just wanted to mention, I’m still doing it! 3-4 times a week, I make myself miserable for an hour or two on the […]