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Time Served —

Throughout the whole production, I was only kicked out of a house once. This is actually a very good ratio, considering the number of people, range of locations, and seat-of-the-pants methods I often employed throughout the filming. I would occasionally find myself in a place, say, Washington DC, get a call and learn that my […]

Bovine Ignition Systems —

The production company that made the BBS Documentary is called “Bovine Ignition Systems”. It’s a weird enough name that a couple people have actually stopped paypal orders and contacted me to verify that “Bovine Ignition Systems” is the company that they should be giving $50 to. The name dates back to 1985, when I was […]

The Right Audience (and the Sequel) —

This entry has a ramble factor of 8. Please use caution. I took an initial risk when I was plotting out this documentary and how I would approach it, and that was how “technical” the whole thing would get. When you do a documentary on a subject, there’s always a balancing act between making it […]

A Bittersweet but Happy Ending —

I was contacted by John Sheetz’ widow regarding my phone call to them offering the DVD and the interview. They want both. I think she cried at the end. I wonder sometimes if people think to take the video camera they use to record a holiday and just interview a relative about their life, so […]

IMDB Assault Begins —

It took a while, but the IMDB entry for the BBS Documentary now lists over 70 of the people who appeared in it. It is NOT complete and is missing vital folks, but I was entering names as fast as I could, and then it eventually hit an upper limit, and I decided I would […]

A Silent Key —

While getting together addresses and information to send out free copies of the documentary to interviewees, I have discovered the sad news that one of them, John Sheetz of New Jersey (K2AGI), passed away in January of this year. Mr. Sheetz was a complete shot in the dark for me, interview-wise; in trying to make […]

Buy Buy Buy —

Believe it or not, I just went through a day of deep consideration over whether to add the link to the BBS Documentary website that’s now on the left side of this weblog’s page. I consider it advertising and I don’t like advertising, no matter what twisted set of justifications I can throw on you. […]

Script: A Lot of Little Things —

Let’s move away from the documentary to talk a little about my big love: collecting. There’s a mental fallacy that I and others of my ilk fall into, where we believe that every single thing we collect has to be a few small clicks away, ready to go, gassed up and waiting in the garage […]