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You’re Stealing it Wrong —

This summer, for DEFCON 18, I gave a talk called “You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles”. ┬áThe proposal was good enough that less than a few hours after I submitted it, Dark Tangent himself tweeted about it. That was enough pressure to ensure I had lots of backup material, lots of items […]

Still Never Shutting Up —

Been rather busy for the past year, here and there, with all sorts of appearances, presentations, call-ins and the sort of public speaking I’ve always enjoyed doing. And the movie, obviously. But I just took a little time just now and backfilled a good amount of talks I gave recently into the Presentations Page on […]

A Return to the Weblog with a 40th Birthday —

Today, I’m 40. I’ve been touring in support of GET LAMP with a tour entitled JET LAMP. In celebration, this weblog will be starting up again for real. But today, I’m turning 40, and I’m doing it online. For just today, September 13th, come visit me online to celebrate my birthday, harass me about projects, […]