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JSMESS Breakthroughs —

We’ve been nibbling away at the Javascript MESS project for a long while, and the current lead guy has had a breakthrough in the last couple of days. We’ve been partially inspired by a number of Javascript projects out there that have shown the whole thing is possible, and not just possible, but probable. Most […]

Just Solve the Problem Month 2012: Nitty Gritty —

This will be somewhat long and somewhat involved. It’s a posting meant to give my personal positions and assessments on the Just Solve the Problem 2012 Project, which is “Solve the File Formats Problem”. Ideally, it answers everything but specific choices down the line. If not, the Wiki will have answers. Here we go. General […]

Just Solve the Problem 2012: High-Level Stuff —

As┬áJust Solve The File Format Problem Month┬ábears down on us, I thought I’d get this show on the road with more high-level discussion of the idea. It makes sense to read the first posting on this, as well as having you be aware a posting after this one will be much more detail-oriented. Because, after […]

Someone’s Been Talking —

This year I’ve been doing many, many more presentations and conferences than I would normally do – I guess this whole “save the digital planet” thing has taken off. Along with all the presentations have come travel and trying to re-adjust my life so I can do the majority of what I do from anywhere […]

The Charge of the Scan Brigade —

UPDATE: Read the Bottom. I’m writing this quickly because it’s a simple idea, the simplest of simple ideas, although it could really change things up in the world. It is a San Francisco-based thing at the moment, in case you want to know if you can throw yourself bodily at it or need to throw […]